A Bit About Us

In just a few years we have grown exponentially creating a dent in the publisher ecosystem. We stand as the driving force behind newsrooms worldwide, catalyzing the publisher's marketing flywheel and propelling it into motion. As a marketing automation platform for publishers, we are aggressively working to expand both our market and offerings. What defines us is not just the strides we've made but the unwavering momentum with which we surge ahead. We uphold a culture of respect, value each individual's contribution and strive to provide a nurturing environment.


How Are We Doing?

We're on the fast track to growth!

We have 20K+ users across the globe, and push more than 350Bn notifications every month and that number is only climbing higher. Our platform offers publishers a comprehensive suite of marketing solutions, such as push notifications, email newsletters, on-site widget and more! We power publishers worldwide to build, engage and monetize the audience effectively.

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