Own Thy Audience

A blend of bitter sweet stories and a lot of marketing - the non MBA way




Hey here, listen! We know you are scared. The economy is having one of the craziest rides of all times, and the walled gardens are of course your biggest threat.

But this is not the time to sit down and mourn over the losses. This is your time to rise and take the reins. 

With screen time increasing like crazy, it is one golden opportunity to seize. Here we bring to you stories that will force you to think and take a step towards building your audience. 

And, if you already are there, we will tell how to retain them.


Preview Episode

Here's a sneak peek into the series that brings to you stories, strategies and laughter, all in the Non-MBA way.

Episode 1

Opportunity In Crisis

The world's facing a pandemic, people are at their home, working. What are publishers doing? They know the time is ripe, screen time is going to increase multifold and this is their cue. They have plunged into building their audience. But what about retaining the same audience? In the first episode of Own Thy Audience, Vivek Khandelwal and Shubhangi Srivastava bring to you strategies that will not only help you grow but also retain your audience.

Episode 2

Ad Fraud capturing the $200 billion Ad industry

Name one who has not been affected by Ad Fraud.

It’s everywhere, and everyone has been its target. Hard-earned money has been lost, time has been spent and the results have still been null.

But good news, solutions exist.

This episode of Office Hours, we have Deepankar Biswas joining Vivek.

Deep, who is the co-founder of BotMan, will discuss the various threats and myths around Ad frauds. The intensity of their impact and how well can we overcome them

Episode 3

Content Recommendation: still a dilemma?

How critical is content recommendation for digital publishers, and its impact? The dilemma of investing in content recommendation or not and the factors that make this decision? Is personalization a publisher thing or only meant for e-commerce and what is the right time to invest in content recommendations?

Join Sandeep Amar and Vivek in this episode of Office Hours as they discuss all these questions and ponder over more such topics.


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