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Hey here, listen! We know you are scared. The economy is having one of the craziest rides of all times, and the walled gardens are of course your biggest threat.

But this is not the time to sit down and mourn over the losses. This is your time to rise and take the reins. 

With screen time increasing like crazy, it is one golden opportunity to seize. Here we bring to you stories that will force you to think and take a step towards building your audience. 

And, if you already are there, we will tell how to retain them.

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Decoding Who Owns Your Content On The Internet

Third-party platforms provide creators space to curate, but not the opportunity to build their audience and own them. Ben May emphasizes on the importance of this and what can be done for its cure.

How Audience Ownership is the Most Important Cornerstone For Media Business

Somebody who has been a part of the publisher industry for more than a decade now, Ben Ilfeld discussed the know-hows and the changes that have been observed in the past decade. 

Why Every Business Needs To Obsess About Site Performance

There is a 50% chance that Gen Z would stop visiting a site if it did not anticipate what it needs, liked, and want. This highlights the importance of site performance today. Watch to know how to achieve that success.  

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