How to Maximize The Most Out of Quieter Permission Notification UI?

With Vivek Khandelwal, Founder @ iZooto

Your Current Challenges:

Shine with a Better UX

This is your time to provide your users with an uninterrupted Subscription Experience they deserve. A smooth on-site experience, giving them time to browse,  understand your website and make decisions, and not be lost in permission boxes (which means users are less frustrated). 

Best Of the Best Subscribers

It's a great way to focus on subscribers who actually are interested in your content. It flushes out the subscribers who might have got in by fluke. It's interesting how this would result in the response rates going up and revenue increasing!

User wins, you win.

A subscriber base that actually wants to consume your content and this is exactly what you always wanted. This gives you the opportunity to publish quality content and only engage with users when needed. 

How to Own Your Audience with Quieter Permission UI

11th February

09:00 AM PST & 03:00 PM IST

The adoption of web push notifications has been rapid since its inception in 2015. It was something that marketers were gunning for (and still are) - to notify users quicker and on the go. But the new Chrome Update about Quieter UI has left a lot of marketers in splits. Websites who would get after the user's life trying to get them subscribed would now have it difficult. The buzz has been ever-growing, even when the update hasn't been released yet. 

You'll learn:

  • What the update means for you and what it does not. Does this mean no further user acquisition? 

  • What are the best practices that you can follow to prevent being blocked and to ensure better opt-in rates?

  • What should you do if you get blocked? 

Ready To Embrace Quieter Permission Notification UI Like A Boss?

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