eTurboNews, the flagship news service of eTurboNews Group covers everything related to travel, transport, and tourism. They continue to see strong results in audience growth, traffic lift, and engagement with iZooto’s push notification platform.Juergen-Steinmetz


One-stop destination for travel and tourism news

eTurboNews is both a B2B and B2C service of news and information pertaining to the global travel trade, PR and marketing service, and partnerships, with world bodies related to travel and tourism. The email readership base is currently running at 255,000+ worldwide, mainly travel trade professionals and specialist travel and tourism journalists. They have a thriving followership of 1.0k subscribers on YouTube and 22k followers on Twitter.


Engagement rate on a standstill

eTurboNews has a thriving digital presence and has a huge following on social platforms and also has a massive email list. While they are shipping out content day in and day out, engagement on email and social remains flat. What they realized was that they were highly dependent on social and emails to engage their audience. The reach on social media remained limited even with the huge follower base they have. With time it dawned upon them that they did not own the audience on social media, making it difficult to engage with all of them whenever they wanted. 

While emails gave them pretty good results, they knew that they had content that would attract a far bigger audience and get more engagement. That was when they thought of giving web push notifications a shot since it had been in the talks for quite a while. Their massive adoption of web push notifications made Juergen, CEO & Chairman, eTurboNews, curious and decided to give it a shot himself.



pageviews contributed from iZooto's push notifications, surpassing Facebook


sessions from web push notifications, contributing more than email and social media


Hitting The Engagement Rate

Siddhartha Saxena, Business Head, iZooto, walked Juergen through the capabilities of push notifications. Juergen was instantly impressed and wanted to see how push notifications would help increase eTurboNews’ engagement rate. The implementation was done swiftly, and thus began the journey of growing the audience and engaging the readers like never before. 


From the very first day, they started acquiring push notification subscribers and now have a growing audience base of more than 46K. They leveraged the Welcome notification Playbook, engaging with the readers once they subscribe, building a connection from the very first day. Notifications are sent when a new story is published, bringing in readers back to the website in real-time. Due to the nature of push notifications, it is easier to discover the notification and revisit the website with just one click. 


eTurboNews now has readers coming via web push notifications returning to the website to consume more content. They have now finally achieved their engagement goals and look forward to trying out more features iZooto has to provide to keep moving the needle.


Onwards And Upwards

eTurboNews hit their engagement metrics with iZooto's push notifications -

  • iZotoo contributes to more than 61K pageviews 
  • eTurboNews gets more than 42k sessions from web push notifications, surpassing email and social media
  • eTurboNews now has more than 46,000 push notification subscribers and counting


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