SimpleCPR was looking for an alternative channel besides paid marketing to reach out to their website traffic. Relying solely on organic traffic to bring in the conversions appeared a tad bit slow. Since retargeting emails couldn’t help much too without a valid email ID, the marketing team was looking for a fresh channel that could help them solve these challenges.


Bringing Safety Training Home

SimpleCPR has been a leader in online safety training in North America for over 20 years with a national accreditation as an online CPR and BLS certification provider. Based on the latest AHA guidelines, these training courses are developed by their in-house team of highly qualified medical professionals. The reason for the popularity of these courses is a simple one - they can be taken from the comfort of one’s own home without the need to attend a physical class.


Rising Above Banner Blindness

With over 50K website visitors per month, SimpleCPR always had a steady supply of traffic. And this is why they were keen on expanding their reach to the entire visitor base. The key challenge was reaching out to those users who abandon the purchase process or those who simply view the various online courses but never really select any. In order to serve those customers better - either at selecting the correct course or at providing relevant information about a particular course or later to retarget them for payment reminders, the marketing team at SimpleCPR started researching for other channels. They wanted a solution that could not only help them achieve their use cases but also help them tackle the rising issue of banner blindness that display ads were suffering from. This is the reason that they decided to venture with browser push notifications and singled out iZooto for the ease of implementation and depth of retargeting features.



Return on Investment


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Total Sales from iZooto


High Return on Investment and Increase in Overall Sales

With a solid marketing list under their belt, SimpleCPR started pushing notifications on a regular basis. With the help of the Customer Success team at iZooto, they created a strategy to target their newly acquired subscribers separately. Newly acquired subscribers were targeted separately with attractive course offers.



iZooto is an awesome tool! It’s a nifty way to reach out to your entire website traffic.

- Stephen Huffman, Digital Marketing Manager



Pushing campaigns regularly increased the engagement with SimpleCPR’s subscribers and the responses showed up as the heightened number of transactions and revenue in their analytics.


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engagement notification

These campaigns were carefully constructed by analyzing the performance of the various courses being sold and then crafting a calendar for optimized execution. These campaigns focus on the benefits of the certification, ongoing offers and the essentials of each course. The returns for this were quite wonderful - 3x increase in CTR along with an additional 3.5x number of transactions!

Driving Sales with Contextual Campaigns

The next line item was to start retargeting those users who abandon the purchase process. Reminding users to complete their purchase by retargeting them back to the website made a huge impact in retrieving those potential lost sales. This boosted the CTRs by an additional 35% and increased the revenue from iZooto by almost 50%!

Users abandoning their carts in the last 24 hours were reminded with an additional discount coupon.


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High Return on Investment and Increase in Overall Sales

Post implementation, within 4 weeks, SimpleCPR gathered over 1 thousand subscribers and started to grow steadily on a daily basis. This base provided them with the accessibility to reach out to their website traffic regardless of whether an account was created or not - solving one of the core challenges faced by them.

In just 8 weeks, SimpleCPR received a 5x ROI which included a healthy mix of direct and assisted conversions. They not only engaged with their website traffic efficiently but also managed to create another channel to increase their overall sales.

Excellent team that has helped us to open and optimize a new marketing channel. The returns have been good so far and I can’t wait to scale up.

- Stephen Huffman, Digital Marketing Manager

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