Smart Parenting is one of the 15 websites of the Summit media group, which is a popular digital lifestyle network in the Philippines. Summit Media continues to see amazing results with iZooto, in that all the 14 media websites make use of iZooto to engage and retain the audience. Smart parenting started using iZooto in Feb 2020 and is profusely using both web push notifications and Messenger push notifications and have seen a huge impact on retention.


The millennial generation parenting website

Smart Parenting is a Filipino parenting authority on raising kids by providing them with guides, tips, and answering questions about parenthood. Their audience comprises 25-34-year-old millennial parents, helping and guiding them with the new experience of parenthood. They cover parenting guides, pregnancy, baby care, home & family, health, beauty, and style. They have 2.5mil unique visitors on their website and have a fan base of 1mil on Facebook, and 25 thousand plus subscribers on YouTube.


Going beyond just traffic

Engagement and retention still remain a pressing challenge for publishers. Smart Parenting being a popular website for millennial parents, has always had traffic pouring in. While the website sessions were really good, they wanted to build a loyal audience base. To keep readers coming back for more in this age of competition, Smart Parenting had to step up with its marketing game. 

Web push notifications as a channel is working out really well for Summit Media and its other websites helping them engage and retain their audience. Smart parenting thought of giving iZooto a shot as well, and thus started the journey of building a loyal subscriber base.



more returning visitors through Kepler after 12 weeks,
as compared to organic traffic 


page views generated
from iZooto in just
4 months


Putting the publisher flywheel in motion

Traffic is high. But it also consists of flyby visitors. Suddenly the number is not something to be proud of. To put the publisher flywheel in motion, Smart Parenting was on the lookout for a channel that would engage users effectively.  


Once visitors come to the website, a few of them drop off, but a few are willing to stick to your website to consume information. This is where push notifications come in. The push notification prompt encourages readers to subscribe so that the readers get relevant updates, keeping them informed. Constant contextual engagement builds reader trust and builds a loyal audience base, thus improving lifetime value. iZooto is helping them do exactly that, providing them more revenue down the line. 

Kickstarting with push notifications

Janine Christine, Conversion Data and Analytics, Smart Parenting, was thrilled to start off with web push notifications when Kristi, Associate Director Account Management, walked her through the features iZooto had. They started acquiring from the very first day, exciting the team at Smart Parenting. They put the Welcome Your Subscribers Playbook to start engaging the subscribers they built, right away. 



Bringing back users who leave the tab

Smart Parenting observed that though people landed on their website, they tend to drop off. To bring users back to the website, they made use of iZooto's Recover Abandoned Tab Playbook to nudge people to return to the website and complete the read. The team at Smart Parenting was thrilled and was looking forward to exploring the tool more. 


Segmenting for precise targeting

Smart Parenting was clear in its approach from the very beginning, to only send relevant notifications to readers. They went ahead and created segments based on subscribers active in X days to reach out to for specific campaigns and have also created segments such as ‘Subscribed in the last 7 days and 15 days to keep them engaged. 

Kepler AI For Accurate Content Recommendation

When iZooto released its Content Recommendation Playbook powered by Kepler AI, they were excited to try it out. With the Content Recommendation Playbook, personalized notifications were sent to readers based on their previously read articles, at a time they are more likely to click. 


The result they saw blew their minds. They retained 22% of readers even in the 12th week, surpassing organic (0.49%) and paid (0.29%).  What is interesting is that there is a sharp drop in returning visitors when compared to organic traffic in the very next week. Whereas for notifications sent through Kepler AI, readers’ return rate is 14X times more than organic visitors. 


In the mid-week, it goes up to 40X better than organic. By the 12th week, the number of returning visitors went as high as 44X coming in from Kepler AI, compared to organic. 


Messenger push notifications - a loyalty magnet

To reach out to readers where they hang out the most, they started using iZooto's Messenger Push notifications. Not only were they able to reach out to readers, but also engage and interact with them effectively.  With constant engagement, Smart Parenting saw that the click and retention rate was mind-blowing.




Better engagement more website revisits

iZooto helps increase returning visitors, creating a loyal subscriber base, which in turn increases the lifetime value of a reader.

Here are some results worth looking at -

  • Smart Parenting generates more than 2 mil pageviews from iZooto. A returning visitor on Messenger push notifications visits an average of 9 pages
  • Returning visitors coming through Kepler even after 12 weeks is 44X more than organic traffic
  • Messenger push notifications bring in returning users 8X times as compared to organic traffic
  • Of all the returning users, iZooto brings in 9.7% of users and generates 15% of pageviews


Other Case Studies

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