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The Trailblazer Of News In Indonesia

Tempo has been a pioneer of news portals in Indonesia since 1995. They cover everything from Politics, Law, National, World, Business, Football, Celebrities to Travel. Tempo has been using iZooto since 2019 to build, engage and retain its audience in all its domains, and never looked back. 


Engaging Flybys And Retaining Readers Was Tricky

They had always depended on the sporadic surge in traffic from many online sources and platforms. Many still remain a black box and keep changing their algorithm for any strategy to work. Even if people did land on their website, engagement was another ball game altogether. Tempo was looking for something that would help them build an audience of their own and let them engage at will. They were on the lookout for a solution they would get the job done without them always intervening. Something simple, easy, and automated.



more page views with 
Exit-Intent Recommendations

111,000 + 

Page views with 
RSS Automation in just 20 days


Hold back the flybys, convert them into subscribers and create a loyal audience base 

Tempo has been using iZooto for 4 years now and has been building its push notification marketing list, and engaging with them. It was with the recent few product releases from iZooto that things drastically changed for the better for Tempo. They observed a surge in page views, which was not momentary, but constant. The team at Tempo and Ishita, Account Manager at iZooto, devised a strategy to both build and engage the audience efficiently with both the new products - Exit-Intent Recommendations and RSS Automation.

With iZooto, not only were they able to get flyby visitors to visit more pages but also encouraged them to revisit the website. With iZooto's Exit-Intent Recommendations, they started showing recommended articles to visitors encouraging them to read other interesting articles. They were able to hold back flyby visitors just when they were about to leave the website and spend more time on their website. Tempo was able to increase content discovery and pageviews all in one go.


The visitors who came were also prompted to subscribe for web push notifications so they do not miss out on any updates. Tempo saw a surge in subscribers, which led to an increase in repeat traffic and pageviews. They used iZooto's RSS Automation for distribution which allowed them to do what they do best, cover interesting stories. The latest articles were now sent to readers without manual intervention. They put engagement on auto-pilot and used their precious time to get other important things done. 


iZooto was the all-in-one audience engagement package they were looking for and they have never been happier.


Let Numbers Do The Talking

Tempo saw amazing results with iZooto. Here are a few numbers they observed- 

  • With Exit-Intent Recommendations, Tempo saw over 270 thousand additional clicks on articles in just two months, resulting in 3X more page views, ultimately generating more revenue.
  • With RSS Automation, in just one month, they got up to 2X the page views compared to manually pushing out web push notification campaigns.
  • They currently have built more than 4.5 million web push notification subscribers


Other Case Studies

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