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  • iZooto Push Notifications for Adidas
  • iZooto Push Notifications for KoleImports
  • iZooto Push Notifications for Movistar
  • iZooto Push Notifications for MayoClinic
  • iZooto Push Notifications for Yahoo Taiwan
  • iZooto Push Notifications for Walmart


Location Based Targeting check-icon check-icon
Device Based Targeting check-icon check-icon
Subscription Date Based Targeting check-icon cross-icon
Event Based Targeting check-icon cross-icon
Custom Audience Targeting check-icon cross-icon


Because it isn’t just about sending notifications.

We help our customers delight theirs, by creating personalized experiences. Understand your audience better with iZooto to craft contextual and targeted notifications for your users. Don't resort to sending generic notifications just because your tool doesn't allow you to. Switch to a smart solution. Switch to iZooto.

User Engagement

Because you want to engage every user uniquely. Everyone.

You cannot engage 100% of your website users with a system that does not support all browsers and only imposes their “version” of user experience. Get iZooto and engage your audience with personalized notifications. While drip campaigns take care of your user engagement, smart timezone delivery ensures better views and clicks.



Browser Support All Limited
Welcome Drip check-icon Limited
Smart Delivery on Timezones check-icon cross-icon
Personalization check-icon cross-icon
Ready Engagement Campaigns check-icon cross-icon


Subscription Templates 15+ 1
Subscription Design Customization check-icon cross-icon
Capture User Preference check-icon cross-icon
Custom Subscription Trigger check-icon cross-icon
GDPR Compliant check-icon check-icon

Subscription Experience

Because Every Site Is Different.

Don't let your website visitors get annoyed by yet another popup. Customize the subscription prompt to trigger only when they are ready. Match the subscription experience with your website theme to capture your users' preferences and start building your audience.


Because Marketing teams do more than just sending notifications

With iZooto, you can automate your user engagement campaigns, retargeting campaigns without killing the creativity. Automation at scale that helps you create more time. Helps your marketing teams become more efficient.



Scheduled Notifications check-icon check-icon
Drip Notifications check-icon Limited
Recurring Notifications check-icon cross-icon
Triggered Notifications check-icon cross-icon
Contact Support Live chat, Email and Call Email only
Priority Support 24*7 Business Hours only
Dedicated Account Manager check-icon cross-icon

Customer Support

Because Your ROI is important to us

Our customers tell us that they love the fact that they can get in touch with our in-house experts and get their questions answered in a jiffy. Work with a proven team that has helped over 500+ marketing teams. Make the best use of push notifications and drive a 10X ROI.


Pursuing Value and not chasing Vanity

Our core philosophy as a business is to chase value and not vanity. As a team and a product, we align ourselves with our customers goals and objectives. We don't chase impressions, clicks or page views but focus on conversions and conversion rate.

Our focus remains on getting you more sales, more leads and more revenue. A dedicated team of Customer Success Managers relentlessly work to help you get most bang for your buck.

Get started with iZooto in minutes with our native integrations across various platforms.



Notifications Per Month


Events Processed Every Month




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