Dynamic Retargeting

When was the last time you clicked on a banner ad? Your users, just like you are blind to banner ads. Use web push notifications to retarget your users. Drive conversions.

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Dynamic Retargeting with Push Notifications

Trusted by 15,000+ Businesses Globally

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Use Your “Owned Media” For Retargeting

No more buying media for retargeting. Re-engage shoppers throughout their journey with tailored push notifications, delivered directly their device. Even when they are not on the website. Trusted by 15,000 businesses worldwide, iZooto Dynamic Retargeting allows you to deliver personalized push notifications to each user triggered at the right time.

How iZooto Dynamic Retargeting Works For You

Generate More Sales, Profitably

Trigger the right push notification at the right time - A custom piece of code placed on your site enables iZooto to craft personalized notifications for each user

Engage Shoppers Without Buying Media

No more time spent on buying media inventory, selecting publishers, setting and optimizing budgets. Retarget your users using your OWN marketing channel

Bring Shoppers Back To Buy

Drive sales from visitors who leave your website without making a purchase. Push personalized notifications with offers and bring this pool of shoppers back.

Tailored Push Notifications for Desktop and Mobile

Works seamlessly on Desktop and Mobile

Web Push Notifications are supported on both Android (mobile) and Desktop by all browsers. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and Opera. Cover your website visitors across browsers and devices.

Tailor Your Web Push Notifications

Leverage iZooto to personalize every element of your push notification and craft experiences that convert more shoppers into buyers. Playbooks helps you deliver product creatives that drives performance.

Help Shoppers Discover New Products

Up to 28% of purchases are products that weren’t previously viewed. Use iZooto to push new products to shoppers and drive more sales


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