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iZooto supports Web Push Notifications on Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP)

The Perfect Second Net For Your Website To Capture your AMP Visitors

You get your hands on a news and rush to publish it on your AMP site. It starts ranking high and tons of visitors start flooding these pages. 

What next? How do you make the most of this AMP traffic?

The answer is simple - Convert these visitors to push notification subscribers and grow your audience. Enable AMP Push Notifications on your website using iZooto and see your mobile audience growth skyrocket.🚀

convert your AMP powered page visitors to your audience


Easy Subscription. Wider Audience

Your AMP visitors can opt-in to receive alerts and content from your brand, with just one click.  Engage and drive your new audience to your website and grow your revenue.

Subscribing for Push Notification on a Publisher AMP page


Easy Subscription. Wider Audience

Your AMP page visitors can op-in to become subscribed to your website with a single click and start receiving notifications you push.

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Integrates Seamlessly With Favourite Content Management Platform ⚙️

You can set up Web Push Notifications for your AMP website if it's coded or built on one of the Content Management Systems like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or any other. Getting started is easy and takes just a few steps to complete the setup. You can refer to this document for instructions and if you need any help feel free to get on chat with us.

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