Web Push Notifications for Magento

Add iZooto Web Push Notifications to your Magento store and start engaging with your website visitors.


Here's how to setup iZooto on your Magento store


A. For Magento 2 - Using Plugin


Step 1 : Click on Find Partners and Extensions from the left hand menu of your admin panel and search for iZooto


iZooto activation for Magento 2 with plugin


Step 2 : Click on Add to Cart, Checkout and Place Order to avail the plugin

Step 3 : Click on Install


Installing iZooto App on Magento App


Step 4 : Copy the public and private keys and keep them handy


Public and private key for activating iZooto plugin


Step 5 : On the admin panel, click on System > Tools > Web Setup Wizard > System Config and enter both the keys. Click on Save Config once done


Magento Marketplace admin panel

Step 6 : Go to Component Manager and click on Install under New Purchases


Component Manager Magento

Step 7 : Look for izooto/pushnotification and click on Install


Extensions grid Magento

Step 8 : Click on Start Readiness Check and follow the instructions in the wizard


Readiness Check for iZooto Plugin

Step 9 : After the installation is complete, you should see IZOOTO appearing on the left hand menu bar


Activate iZooto

Step 10 : Click on activate iZooto to enable we push notification on your store


Activate iZooto

Step 11 : Post successful activation, the status would get changed to "activated on your website"


Connect iZooto Account

B. For Magento 2 - Using Command Line Interface

Step 1 : Click on Find Partners and Extensions from the left hand menu of your admin panel and search for iZooto


Search for iZooto plugin in Magento Marketplace


Step 2 : Click on Add to Cart, Checkout and Place Order to avail the plugin

Step 3 : Download the ZIP files


Download JS files

Step 4 : Upload contents of installation package to WEB-ROOT/app/code/Izooto/PushNotification folder (we recommend that you take a backup of your web database before proceeding with this step)

Step 5 : Open the SSH console of your web server.

Step 6 : Change your current directory to Magento WEB-ROOT (<cd path_to_the_magento_WEB-ROOT_folder>)

Step 7 : Run the following commands from console (<php bin/magento setup:upgrade; php bin/magento module:enable Izooto_PushNotification; php bin/magento cache:flush; php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy>)

Step 8 : Login to your Magento store admin panel and click on iZooto from the left hand menu.


Activate iZooto

Step 9 : Click on activate iZooto


Activate iZooto

Step 10 : iZooto should be enabled on your store. Notice the ‘Activated’ status


Connect iZooto Account

C. For Magento 1 - Using JS Code

Step 1 : Log on the administrator panel of your Magento CMS.


Magento Admin Panel


Step 2 : Select System > Configuration from the top menu.


System Dropdown Menu Magento


Step 3 : In the next step. Select ‘Design’ from the left side bar.


Design Tools Magento


Step 4 : Add the scripts provided by iZooto as (<script window._izq = window._izq || []; window._izq.push(["init"]);> </script>) and (<script src="//cdn.izooto.com/mySDK.js"> </script>) in Miscellaneous HTML section and click on Save Config.


Add Miscellaneous HTML

Similarly, for HTTPS websites you can add the JS code using the same steps mentioned above and then add izooto.html and service-worker.js file ( as provided by iZooto in zip file format at the time of SDK generation ) in your root directory (which you have to access through either of your c-panel , or File-server).


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