Web Push Notifications for WooCommerce

Add iZooto Web Push Notifications to your WooCommerce store with our 1-click integration.


WooCommerce is one of the most relied and free WordPress Plugin for developing an online store. Online marketers are constantly finding solutions to take the processes like user-engagement, re-engagement and re-targeting to the next level. Adding another layer of efficiency is critical, and for this they need to keep their users engaged all the time. Use iZooto’s WordPress Web Push Plugin to send highly user-centric and personalized notifications to all the users even when they are not on your website. With Opt-in rates as good as upto 25%, you can build a list 30 times faster than email.


Here's how to setup iZooto on WooCommerce store


Step 1 : In your Wordpress account, go to plugins and select 'Add New'.


Wordpress Dashboard


Step 2 : Search for ' iZooto', install and activate the plugin.


Search for iZooto plugin in WordPress


Step 3 : Go to the iZooto plugin from the left sidebar and click on 'Activate iZooto'.


Activate iZooto plugin in WordPress


That's it. The plugin adds required code to your site and completes the integration.If you're an existing user, you can login to your iZooto account to complete the integration.


New user iZooto prompt in WordPress

Prompt with form for already registered iZooto users


If the integration fails, you can setup the plugin manually using your iZooto ID.


Activating iZooto plugin manually by entering iZooto ID


1. Login to your iZooto account, go to Settings > Integration Instructions > Copy the iZooto ID.

2. Enter your iZooto ID, submit and activate the plugin.


iZooto web push activation successful


Once done, you should see a subscription prompt on your site.


iZooto web push prompt on website powered by Wordpress


You can now start sending notifications to your subscribers from your iZooto account.Feel free to contact us in case of issues.


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