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Here is how e-commerce businesses can send contextual web push notifications to drive sales. 

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  • Build Your Marketing List

    Convert your website visitors into push notifications subscribers. No more Forms. Just 1 Click.

  • Target Right Users

    Segment your audience on the basis on what they did on your website and how they did it.

  • Engage With Subscribers.

    Send your users personalized contextual notifications even when they are not on your website.

Personalized. Contextual. Delightful.

Crafting push notifications that are personalized for each user is no more a herculean task. Leverage both automation and personalization at scale for your marketing with iZooto.

Personalized, Contextual, Delightful Push Notifications

Notifications That Are A Visual Delight

Add Visual power to your push notifications and delight your users. Use Emojis, Icons, images and, buttons

Automated Notification Expiry

One size doesn’t fit all. Same goes for your communication. Target the right audience segments using iZooto’s Audience Builder.

Action Buttons To Guide Users

Users convert best when they are guided. Using Action Button on your notifications guides them to a specific action. Drive better click through rates on your notifications.

Segment on User Attributes

Build precise segments using user attributes and target your communication better. For eg - Registered Users, Existing Customers etc


Target basis User behaviour 

Target users based on important actions - browsing behaviour, adding to cart, purchase activity and more.

Dynamic Audience Segments

No more managing static lists. iZooto Audience segments are dynamic - so that you can focus on growing your business and not managing lists. 

Executing the Perfect Push Notification Campaign

Measure Buying Intent

Want to target users who viewed shirts 3 times in last 7 days? iZooto lets you build segments basis the frequency and recency user activity on your site. With iZooto, you can target based on what your users - 

  • Browsed on your website,
  • Added To Cart and Bought 
  • How many times they purchased with in time duration. 

Sending targeted push notifications could not be easier 

Go Hyperlocal

Want to focus on users in a specific city? We got it. Create segments of users on the basis of their country, region, city to deliver local content 

Segmentation Basis Device 

Users behave differently on mobile than desktop which is why these segments are pre-built for you in iZooto. 

Exclude and Include Segments

Use a combination of conditions to create sophisticated audience segments using Audience Builder 

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Automating Web Push Notifications

Spraying and Praying is a thing of past. Delightful communication is personal and well timed. iZooto helps marketers perfect their push notification delivery and create amazing buying experience.

Trigger Notifications

Capture your users in their marketable moment with triggered notifications.

TimeZone Notifications

iZooto helps marketers perfect their push notification delivery and create amazing buying experience.

Recurring Notifications

Put your notifications on a recurring schedule and engage your audience consistently

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What Our Customers Are Saying

I used iZooto on my website for quite a while and had an amazing experience. The console is easy to use. The notifications were delivered without any glitch. A very good platform to engage customers via push notifications.


Digital Marketing Associate

We are using iZooto on over 10 of our websites and it is simply the best in business. Thanks to the people behind iZooto, we have gotten much better conversion rates and thousands of returning visitors.

Jesper Ribacka


We have been using iZooto for about 6 months now on our website. The team is extremely supportive and available 24*7! iZooto has been the best ROI of all the marketing platforms we enlist. Would absolutely recommend this product!

Steve Huffman


iZooto has helped us quickly and easily leverage new traffic sources for our main websites thanks to a fast integration and great communication with the teams.

Geraldine Mésange

SEO Manager

Our sales surged by 3% after using the product. The push notifications have helped us garner new alliances, reaching a pretty intriguing number than our expectation. iZooto has been highly supportive in raising our sales bar each and every month.

Kislay P

Marketing Manager

We have been using iZooto for a year, and in this short time frame, iZooto has unlocked a powerful customer engagement, and perhaps even more important, a new revenue stream for us.

Ulker Guluzadeh

Marketing Analyst


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