Personalized Web Push Notifications

Roll out the red carpet for your users. Send personalized and contextual push notifications to them

Personalized Web Push Notifications

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Personalization At Scale

iZooto’s Personalization Engine allows you to deliver delightful experiences for your users. Grow from 100 users to 100M - without breaking a sweat because we scale as you scale.

Build Brand Recall

Display images of the product seen by the user or abandoned by the user.

Tailored Content

Your Push notifications can now talk about products, categories, price point drops - all of this tailored for user.

Personalization At Scale

Call To Action Buttons 

Inspire your users to take action with the right set of CTA buttons.

Perfect Your Timing

Trigger the right notifications at the right time and capture your the attention of your users.

Activate Dormant Users with Push Notifications

Activate Your Dormant Users

You have already invested time, effort and, money to get traffic on your website but still some of those users are not active.

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Retargeting Using Push Notifications

Retargeting Using Push Notifications

Still using Display ads for retargeting users? Switch to browser notifications for retargeting and drive conversions.

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