Recover Your Abandoned Tab In Seconds

Get your subscribers back to your website. Make up to 10% of your website revisit with this personalized and automated notification Playbook. 


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Readers Leaving Mid Article? 

Do readers land on your website, read an article and leave mid way? It is tricky to keep your readers attention from wavering when there are so many distractions around. The readers might even forget what they were reading with a pop up ad they clicked on, an important mail popped up or something as simple as a friend sending them a funny cat video. For all you know, they might be consuming news elsewhere-  Nightmare in broad daylight. Bringing readers back to the same article they were consuming is a tough nut to crack. 



Nudging Readers To Complete The Read

The Recover Abandoned Tab Playbook targets subscribers who have dropped off from your website. Retain your subscribers by engaging them at the right time with the news they were previously reading. Plug-in the this playbook and bring these subscribers back (without burning your $$s on remarketing ads).



Recover Lost Website Sessions

The Recover Abandoned Tab playbook gets automatically triggered once a reader abandons the tab. A personalized notification is sent to the reader at a time  specified by you. A subscriber is also automatically removed from the Playbook once they revisit the website. Publishers have seen CTRs up to 6% with this Playbook.



Retention Playbooks You Simply Can't Ignore

Welcome Your Audience

Engage your audience from day zero. Create a series of notifications that would be sent to them over a few days once they subscribe. Delight them and bring them back to your website. 

Retarget Abandoned Subscriptions

Retarget readers who land on the subscription page but do not go through the process. Nudge them and remind them what there is in for them with premium content. 

Recover Video Watch-Time

Recover your lost views with the new in less than 5 minutes! Send a reminder to bring viewers back users who did not watch a video to completion and recover some of your lost video sessions. 


Convert your visitors into an audience


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