Monetizing Digital Content By Maximizing Subscription Revenue

Why Listen To Andrea Boetti?

It is no secret that monetizing traffic for publishers is still a challenge. How do a carrier billing and telco partnership company find a place here?

What does an ideal checkout flow for subscribers look like? With disposable incomes varying across the globe, how important are pricing experiments? And what kind of pricing experiments should publishers try?

These were some of the many questions that we had for Andrea Boetti, the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Fortumo.

With the experience of working with more than 100k, Andrea was just the right person for this. Head over to know more.

Andrea Boetii

Andrea Boetti

Director of Strategic Partnerships, Fortumo

Andrea Boetti is the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Fortumo, helping digital merchants, publishers and app stores build out their monetization and user acquisition strategies for growth in emerging and developed markets. Andrea has been working in the payment services and telco industries for 12 years now.

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