Traffic Is Great, But What Next?

Why Listen To Karla Ovalle?

Someone who has transitioned from print media to digital media knows audience behavior is different in both. As an analyst, Karla's first principle for analyzing data is looking past those vanity metrics, somewhere publishers often get lost. And one such vanity metric for her is pageviews. According to Karla, the focus should be on the engagement meter of the user and not the page views. A strong believer in quality over quantity.

In this episode of Own Thy Audience, she was strongly led by her principle of being "Data driven, not data led". Especially with 2020 being such an eventful year, publishers need to focus wisely. She also openly accepts her obsession with mailing lists, and advocates their massive importance.

When asked about working with renowned editors, and finding the right way to coax them to give in to numbers, she adopts a methodological approach, and always believes in providing a lot of context to her research. 

Tune in to this wholesome conversation over audience, data, metrics, tools and some controversial choices made between Microsoft Excel and Google Data Studio.

Karla Ovalle

Karla Ovalle

Analytics Editor, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Karla has been a Digital Producer with over 6 years of experience as digital brand and audience acquisition manager as well as managing editor of web and print publications. She has been responsible for developing procurement strategies, Standard Operating Procedures and Reporting metrics for the New York Governor's Office of Storm Recovery.She is also experienced with design programs, content management systems, HTML and analytics suites such as Omniture and Google Analytics. 

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