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iZooto helps publishers to engage and monetize their website visitors using web push notifications.

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iZooto Web Push Notifications for Publishers

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Built for Publishers

Editorial Teams use iZooto push notifications to drive user engagement with targeted and personalized push notifications.

Own Your Audience

Own Your Audience

Convert your website visitors into subscribers, build your own marketing list and a loyal following.

Build Repeat Traffic

Build Repeat Traffic

Engage your users with relevant push notifications and drive repeat traffic consistently. At scale. 

Monetize Your Subscribers

Monetize Your Subscribers

Delight users with engaging and contextual native ads. Build incremental revenue.

Solution that works for Publishers

iZooto Web Push Notifications for Pricebaba - Testimonial

1-Click Activation

iZooto’s ready to integrate plugin for Wordpress, Wordpress VIP ensures that you are able to get started in a ziffy. Do a hassle free integration with iZooto.

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Effective User Engagement  

Keep your users updated about new content additions using web push notifications. Generate upto 30% of your repeat traffic with relevant and targeted push notifications. 

Monetization at Scale

Monetize your subscribers using targeted contextual native ads delivered using push notifications. Drive incremental revenue as your subscriber base grows.


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Earn with iZooto

iZooto is world's first native push notification monetization platform that aggregates demand from DSPs across the globe and ensures that your subscribers are shown contextual and engaging Ads.

Zero Real Estate

Because ads are delivered using Push Notifications, you will not have to block your precious website real estate.

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Contextual Native Content Ads

Contextual native content ads that engage your users and get you better CTRs.

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Truly Incremental Revenue

Native Ads delivered using web push notifications don't compete with your banner ads. This revenue is over and above your existing revenue.


A clear and transparent payment process that ensures that you have a 100% clarity on your payments - Clear attribution.

Powerful Features For Editorial Teams

Use the world’s most powerful push notification platform to improve your user engagement metrics.

Automated Push

Automate your push notifications everytime you publish content using iZooto's Zapier integration.

1 Click Integration

Activate web push notifications in 1 click using our ready integration Wordpress plugin.

Schedule Notifications

Plan ahead with our smart scheduler - schedule your push notifications and put user engagement on autopilot.

Time Zone Sensitive

Time zone based delivery of push notifications ensures that you are able engage yours users at the right time. Push Notifications are delivered to users as per their local time zone, helping you to create user delight.

Lightening Fast

Got Breaking News? Event Updates? Stock alerts? - iZooto ensures your push notifications are delivered in near real time

User Segmentation

Segment users on the basis of the content they read and use that intelligence to send them contextual push notifications

Visuals, Emojis Buttons

Load your notifications with the images, emojis and talk to your users in a language they understand

Geo and Device Targeting

Got local news? Geo-target users in a specific location. Want to engage with only mobile users. We have got you covered

Pricing That Works For Publishers and Bloggers

Our Monetization Plan helps web publishers and independent bloggers to increase their ad revenue using native content ads delivered using push notifications, so that you can continue doing what you do best – create quality content for users across the world.

Free Plan for Publishers

Unlimited Subscribers. Unlimited Notifications. Priced @ $0 per month

The monetization plan is absolutely free and comes with no hidden conditions. Use iZooto to send contextual notifications and build repeat traffic.

Simultaneously, increase your ad revenue with native push notifications ads.

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iZooto For Large Media Businesses

Leading brands generate 15% of their web traffic using iZooto’s Web Push Notification Plaform


Custom Solution. Custom Pricing

Own your marketing list, reduce your dependency of social platforms and build a channel that is sustainable, scalable and consistent with iZooto.

More importantly, equip your team with the tools to manage multiple websites, collaborate, automate, segment and more.


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Frequently Asked Questions 


As a publisher, what plan can I select?

There are 2 Plans available for a Publisher:-

  1. Publisher Plan - With the selection of this plan, you get access to the Platform at no cost and we run Advertisement Notifications to the Subscribers of your website
  2. Paid Plan - We charge a Platform Fee based on the Subscriber base of your website

Contact us for more details.

What is a Publisher Plan?

Enterprise-grade plan with a special feature of Revenue Generation offered at no cost.

How many notifications can I push in Publisher Plan?

There is no limit to the notifications that you can push, Do read our Fair Usage Policy.

What are ad notifications? How are they different from my content notifications?

We have partnered with many leading providers who send Ad Notifications to the Subscriber of your website.

How do I enable ad notifications?

We will be requiring consent from your end to plug Notification Inventory of your website on various Ad Platforms.

How many ads are sent in a day?

2 times in a day.

What are the timings when the ads are pushed?

Once in the Morning and once in the Afternoon.

What partners do you work with for ad notifications?

We have integrated several leading Ad Platform in the region, contact us for more details.

If I don’t like a specific ad, can I block it?

Please share the screenshot and Landing Page URL of the Ad that you wish to block, it will take 2-5 working days for blocking it at the Advertiser’s end.

Will this impact the existing contract that I have with some of the partners that iZooto work with?

No, the iZooto contract has all details covered, you would not require a new contract with your existing partner.

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