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Use Push ads to monetize your push notification subscribers and grow your revenue by 15%


The data from over 1000's of Publishers using iZooto has proven it again and again… When publishers show relevant, contextual ads at the right time, they drive more clicks and engage users.

Push Notification Ads makes it easier for publishers to drive ad impressions that enjoy higher view ability, inspire users to click and make money. Your users are already bombarded with display ads which are often blocked by AdBlockers. With the Ad Fatigue, users also have turned blind to these ads - creating terrible experiences for buyers. Banner Ads barely engage users. Too often, Banner ads add unnecessary friction to their experience of consuming content.

With iZooto Push Notifications Ads, you can finally not use a format that does not interrupt their content experience and helps you monetize them effectively.


Ads That Occupy 0 Pixels On Your Website

With web push notification ads, Publishers now have an ad format that doesn't need them to create another ad slot. Each Push Notification is a new inventory in itself and complements your website ad inventory instead of competing with it. The best part - Push Notification Ads are delivered even when the user is not present on your website.


No More Diverting Traffic Away

Conventional advertising is all about trading user's attention for dollars. Ads have always been placed to divert your readers away from the website. Not the case anymore. With ads delivered using web push notifications, you can reach your audience even when they are not on the website - catch their eyeballs and drive traction for advertisers.

What Publishers Are Saying

Leading Publishers Across The Globe Use iZooto To Build Repeat Traffic and Monetize Their Push Notification Subscribers using Push Ads

In less than 3 months, iZooto has scaled to contributed 15% of the total revenue and contributed to grow. We are super excited about leveraging push notification both for user engagement and monetization.

Annkur P Agarwal

CEO Pricebaba

iZooto has proven to be key partner of Malay Mail in its audience retention and revenue growth efforts


Head Of Digital The Malay Mail

iZooto is a fantastic product for the publishers and the editorial team. The platform is robust and has been able to match the scale that high traffic publishers expect. It has been a pleasure working with the high performance team @ iZooto

Sandeep Amar

CEO Indian Express Digital


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