Who doesn't like discounts? Almost every who is about to make a purchase check if they can get a sweet deal. People even go ahead and search for product in discount and then decide what to buy! Which also means that the one whose deal reached the user first has a higher chance of nudging the users to make a purchase. And in this battle for attention, web push notifications have come across as an amazing channel to notify users and encourage them to take the desired action. 

Many large companies have already started leveraging web push notification to enhance user engagement especially on the mobile web. Smart marketers are now managing their affiliate programs more effectively, identifying high-value partners and rewarding those that bring new users to the table.


e-commerce affiliates



Some Early Adopters


e-commerce affiliates


How are affiliates using web push notifications?

With Google introducing the concept of last click attribution, marketers are aligned towards capturing the maximum mindshare of the end user. Their focus is to position themselves as close as possible to the buying funnel. Hence, the rapid adoption of web push as a communication channel as it is extremely powerful to fuel and drive impulsive buying behavior.

Here are some use cases that will inspire you to stat odd with web push notifications- 


New coupon alert

Who doesn't like discounts? 97% of the users look for a deal before buying anything online. Reach out to the users with a new deal to lure them into taking an action.

coupon affiliates coupon alerts web push notifications

Membership Abandonment

Membership abandonment is an eminent problem for affiliates in 2020. Encourage users who have previously abandoned your membership page and convert into an a Premium subscriber. A sweet deal to make them a premium subscriber.


membership abandonment web push notifications affiliates


Brand Coupons

From exclusive tie-ups to product launches, every brand has its own way of attracting users. The end users are always eager to jump onto offers. Using web push notifications, you can be the first one to tell your users about brand specific offers. The key here lies in identifying users who have to build an affinity or loyalty towards a brand. iZooto helps marketers build these powerful segments, facilitating contextual communication.

coupon affiliates brand coupons web push notifications


Category Coupons

With new categories such it is important for affiliates to align themselves with market trends. This further needs to be mapped with user preferences to ensure user experience does not get compromised. All the more reason for affiliates to broadcast offers of a specific category to users interested in specific categories.

category coupon affiliates a web push notifications


Daily Discounts

Discounts grab attention. Discounts lure users to make unplanned purchases. Leverage this to your advantage and notify them about a discount you are running. Here’s what your daily discount notification will look like -

coupon affiliates daily discounts web push notifications


Upcoming Flash Sale

When it comes to flash sales, creating a sense of urgency and building excitement is what any marketers seek in their communication along with being able to establish a real-time communication. Web push notifications fit here perfectly as it enables marketers to send real-time contextual notifications to users.

coupon affiliates flash sale web push notifications

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