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iZooto helps WordPress websites to build, engage and retain their audience using targeted and personalized web push notifications. 

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1 Click To Activate Push Notifications On Your Site

Marketing teams should never have to wait for deploying tags, integrating javascript codes, testing; just to start a campaign. With iZooto, you can start your engaging using personalized notifications with just 1 Click. Not more. Not less. Powerful Integration for smart marketing teams.

Auto Push A Notification

When you publish an article on WordPress, the contents of the notification is auto-generated and sent to the users in real-time. 

Engage your audience

Engage your customers with targeted push notifications according to their interests, behavior, timezone, and geography.

Activate dormant readers

Pull back your dormant users with personalized notifications. Spark their interest and get them back to your website.

Encourage revisit

Make use of Engagement Playbooks to delight users and to reach out to your audience at the right marketable moment. 


Auto-Push A Notification Every Time You Hit Publish

Every time you push out an article, the iZooto Plugin auto-fetches the content and sends out a notification in real-time to your audience.
This means zero manual efforts. Update users in one go and encourage them to revisit your website. 

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Start Auto-pushing notifications

Features That Drive Engagement

The best marketing teams use iZooto to capture their user’s attention at the right moment with the perfectly crafted push notifications.

Schedule Notifications

Set a time and let your notifications get delivered automatically to your audience

Drip Notification Campaigns

Automate your push notifications with a recurring schedule

Deliver on TimeZone

Ensure that your users get the push notifications on the basis of their timezone


Add Icons and Emojis

Use icons and emoji’s to communicate better with your users

Add Banner Image

Use powerful visuals to attract user attention and boost CTRs

Use CTAs

Add a CTA to each notification and drive the user to a specific landing page


Why WordPress websites choose iZooto

Driving User Engagement

Build your marketing list quicker and engage with your audience from day zero. Editors love the iZooto plugin especially because they can auto-send a notification as soon as they publish an article. 

Create powerful notifications and engage your users with targeted and personalized web push notifications. Increase retention with a personalized push by 23%. 

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