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How Should Publishers Decide Between Building, Buying and OutSourcing


Building vs Buy is a decision that almost every software category struggles with. Software is eating the world. Building new tools, products, solutions is easier than ever before. The only question that remains is - Should you build it or let anyone else build it for you. This is what me and Aditya Bhelande - founder and CEO @ YuktaMedia sat down to answer. Aditya has been selling software to publishers and media businesses for well over 5 years and he has had his share of adventures. Right from deals going cold because internal teams wanted to build it to teams circling back after 6 months to resume sale negotiations, Aditya has seen it all. 

Aditya talks about the build vs buy dilemma and breaks how teams should approach this problem. Build vs Buy is a frequent conversation even internally at iZooto. We often resort to Wardley maps to figure out what is it that our customers want the most and what is it that will help us unlock maximum value. Wardley Maps is an incredibly powerful framework that helps builders, founders, product managers to identify what is it that they should be investing their time in building and what is it that they should be buying off the shelf. 

Listen to Vivek and Aditya chat about all things media and answering the question of build vs buy.

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Aditya Bhelande

Aditya Bhelande

Founder & CEO @ YuktaMedia

Aditya Bhelande is the founder and CEO of YuktaMedia, the creator of YuktaOne, a leading media ERP for automation of advertising and revenue operations used by Publishers and Publisher Networks globally to efficiently manage and grow their display, video, mobile, OTT, and OOH advertising business. Prior to YuktaMedia, Aditya founded Yukta, a consulting firm dedicated to helping startups navigate the complicated road to becoming global brands by providing strategy, management, and marketing guidance. Before founding Yukta, Aditya served as the Director of Product Management at PubMatic. He has also held key product management roles at major technology providers including Yahoo! and Oracle.Aditya holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Nagpur University in India and a Master of Science in Industrial Management from Clemson University in South Carolina, USA. He resides in Pune, India with his wife and two children. 

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