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Scaling Podcast Monetization In Digital Newsrooms


Podcasting is the new low-hanging fruit for pubs looking for new revenue streams. The podcasting ad revenue in the US has crossed $700 mil last year with News podcasting leading the charts. But all said and done, scaling it needs an expert intervention. And that’s exactly why we invited Wil Williams, a co-founder at the Hug House Productions, to address the challenges and their workarounds while monetizing a news podcast. Here’s what the episode will help you learn -

  • Though podcasting as a new revenue stream is all lucrative, why are some newsrooms still holding back?

  • The go-to playbook for podcast monetization. What to do exactly after you’re done publishing a podcast?

  • Sure ways to find out if a news podcast will be a success.

  • Metrics that news companies can track once an episode starts gaining traction among their listeners.

  • #1 thing digital publishers and media companies should do in order to retain their listeners.

  • Advertising or branded content.

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Wil Williams

Chief Executive Officer @ Podcast Problems LLC

Wil Williams is a podcast creator and journalist based in Phoenix, AZ, US. You can find their work at, and you can find them on Twitter @wilw_writes.

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