MyBageecha team had been consistently building traffic, especially on Mobile. While traffic had been increasing steadily, user engagement and retention continued to be a challenge.


Gardening Essentials at your Finger Tips

MyBageecha is a one-stop shop for all gardening needs - plants, seeds, pots, gardening essentials and even decoration items like terrarium kits, garden lights and furniture and suncatchers. Born out of a passion to be able to help people procure the perfect plants and seeds for their gardens, this store has attracted micro manufacturers too who prefer to showcase their artifacts to a niche audience.


Building a Mobile First User Engagement and Retaining Users

With a lean team, the focus had always been on increasing traffic and the team was continuously evaluating user engagement and retargeting tools to supplement their acquisition efforts.

Bulk of the growth in traffic was from Mobile and hence creating a mobile-first user engagement strategy was the topmost priority. The need was simple and well defined - getting in touch with mobile website visitors and nudge the users abandoning shopping cart towards sales.



"iZooto's 1 Click Subscription is simple and easy to use. Standard 1 Click based subscription ensured that users could subscribe without any friction and helped us build a marketing list that could scale with our traffic."

- Saumitra Kabra, Founder





Revenue Contribution


Increase in Order Value


Conversion Rate


Lazer-focus Communication

MyBageecha not only started pushing regular campaigns to all its subscribers but also segmented its audience based on user interests and activities. iZooto’s Shopify App ensured that MyBageecha was able to get started with retargeting campaigns from the word go. Without doing any additional integration or configuration, they were able to kickstart campaigns and target users abandoning their shopping cart.


retargeting filter


retargeting notification


MyBageecha team along with iZooto’s Customer Success Lead, Kristi crafted an engagement strategy that focused on users basis their position in the conversion funnel. Using Audience Builder, they were able to create custom audiences based on the product category and each product category gave them the leverage to laser-focus their communication, helping them drive sales.



"Push Notifications has helped us to drive significant sales and revenue. iZooto’s overall contribution towards sales - both directly and indirectly has been consistent. We are excited about scaling this up."

- Saumitra Kabra, Founder




Personalization Paving the Path to Conversions

Conversions from iZooto are 3x when compared with Display, Adword, and Facebook Ads at a good 1.44%. Further, with curated content for each campaign type - promotional, retargeting, etc., a personalized chord was struck with the subscribers, basis their website activity which effectively led to an increase in sales.

Engagement, especially from the contextual campaigns increased too, which was evident from the campaign performances as they repeatedly hit above 5% CTR!

"iZooto’s Customer Success and support team have been a great asset for us. They have helped us consistently in setting up notifications and automating communication, allowing us to focus on our core business."

-Saumitra Kabra, Founder

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