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Announcing Zapier Integration For iZooto!

We have rolled out Zapier integration for iZooto. To understand what that means, let's take a step back and understand what is Zapier and what is a Zap.

Zapier integration

What is Zapier ?

Zapier is the IFTTT for businesses. What is IFTTT - If This Then That. A simple Do It Yourself tool that allows you to connect two apps and automate mundane tasks. Zapier, is IFTTT businesses. A classic productivity hack, helping businesses to automate day to day operational tasks.
Zapier integration

What can I do with Zaps ?

Zapier allows you make Zaps. Workflows to connect two ore more apps and automate. These could be simple reminders or sophisticated workflows.
For eg -  Update the status of a user in CRM to Paid Client when the user pays via Chargebee. In this case, you have connected ChargeBee with Hubspot. Zapier calls these workflows as Zaps.

What does it "iZooto is on Zapier" mean ?


It means that you can connect your existing applications to trigger a notification to your users. One of the classic use cases is, publishing new content. Using Zapier, you can create a zap which will automate broadcast of content to your subscribers.

How can I get started ?


iZooto is currently in private beta. Request a beta invite using this link here. We should be out of the beta once the installation count exceeds 20.
You can now a do lot more with iZooto. With lesser dependency on your developers. Think of cool ideas and give us a shout back on how you are using Zapier to create videos.
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