Guest Blogging for iZooto

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Guest Blogging for iZooto

**We are not accepting guest post submissions until December 2021**

From time to time, we get requests for guest blogging for our blog. So we decided to put together a post on this topic, because we want fresh perspectives to be shared on our blog. Besides, we would love to host brilliant content marketers on our platform and promote their work.

If you’re interested in submitting a guest post for iZooto, please read on and we’ll walk you through what we are looking for and how the guest blogging process looks like -  

Why Guest Blog? And why on iZooto blog ?

At the core of it, guest blogging helps you contribute to the community. Guest blogging is a great way to share what worked for you and what did not. Sharing crisp, actionable content with the community. And as we all know, giving is receiving. Here is what you get from being a guest blogger:

  • Get your ideas in front of hundreds and thousands of readers
  • Meet the community and tell them about yourself
  • And of course, the classic good old backlink to your website

iZooto Blog has grown over 5X in the past 6 months and now attracts over 10,000 readers every month. With over 1000+ subscribers from organisations like Jabong, Harvard Business Review, Hubspot, with your guest post, you have a direct opportunity to network with this community. If you are a content marketer and have exceptional writing and/or design skills and would like to share your expertise with a large audience of marketers, growth hackers, and business owners, we'd love to hear from you. Drop us a mail at pravya[@]

**We are not accepting guest post submissions until December 2021**

How does this work?

Contributions which are comprehensive, data-driven, and insightful that help our readers learn something new about the world of business get published. While our focus remains towards content about specific marketing practices, we do cover a variety of topics that directly or indirectly impact marketing teams including hiring, team development, writing, design, and larger internet trends, among other things.

We get a lot of pitches. Most don’t get accepted. Here are some tips to stay out of our trash can

  • Follow the guidelines:  There’s nothing more annoying than getting a pitch that doesn’t follow our guidelines.
  • We respond within a Week -  If we like your submission, we will reply with in a week. We are a lean team and we respect your work. Just that we get a lot of submissions and it takes a bit to respond.
  • We don’t republish - If the content has been published before, we won’t touch it. We are looking for freshly brewed content for our audience.
  • We don’t like redundant content: Make sure we haven’t already covered your topic before. Also, we won’t want to publish that has been done and dusted to death. Social Media Tips, SEO basics et all won’t really attract our attention.
  • We follow a framework  and calendar:  There are the topics that we want to focus on and if you fall in this framework, we would be excited to review.
    • Top of the Funnel Traction: Strategies and not hacks that help marketers grow traffic at the top of the funnel.  
    • Mid of the Funnel Actionables: Tools, frameworks that help marketers engage their users. Think Web Analytics, Conversion Techniques, Optimization
    • Closures and Advocacy: Practices that can help you convert better, faster and transform your conversions into advocates / referrals.

These posts could be - How to Guides, Comparative analysis, Listicles, Frameworks. For obvious reasons, we don’t do reviews.

Idea Accepted. What next ?

If we accept your idea, we will work closely with you to understand your thought process, if needed, help you to structure the article. Before we publish any post on our blog, we check for two things - Tonality and Quality.

  • Readers enjoy our blog because of what we write and how we write it. There is a specific tone with which people can relate to and get insights out ot. Read some of our blog posts to understand this better.

  • Quality is a subjective metric but here is the emotion that we want every piece of content should trigger - it should make the readers forward the article to their friends / take a print out and ponder.

Editorial Guidelines:


  • We publish heavily researched articles with a minimum of 1,500-1,800 words per article. Anything less than 1,500 usually implies that they are not heavily research-based.
  • Infographics need to be supported with a 300 words copy.
  • Be natural but not self promotional
  • Be sure to cite quotes, research, and other third-party data you use in the article, linking to the original source. Data points without source will be omitted.
  • We have a graphic design team that will take care of the featured image for the post. Feel free to include any screenshots/graphs/charts that you think will support your article. We might edit them as per our overall theme.
  • We love the GetApp Style guide. It is exhaustive and comprehensive. Do refer to it while writing.

Headlines, Subheadings and Conclusions

  • Do suggest a headline for your post. Do note that this is not Buzzfeed. No Click baits. We follow the Upworthy rule while deciding the title of an article. Again, we may decide to alter this before publishing. We will be happy to brainstorm ideas with you.
  • Add subheadings, images, bulleted lists, quotes to present your ideas better
  • Most importantly, give the audience a tangible takeaway. Wrap up with a conclusion and invite the users with a crisp call to action (e.g. for the reader to share on social media)

Additional items needed:

  • Short bio ( Under 200 words sentences)
  • Links to your Twitter account, Linkedin account and website
  • A 200 x 200 thumbnail headshot
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