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Insights From Shopify Meetup Delhi - Here Is What Happened

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Insights From Shopify Meetup Delhi - Here Is What Happened

We @ iZooto hosted our 1st Shopify Meetup in Gurugram on July 13, 2018. And it was a full house! 

Playbooks To Engage And Re-target Effectively [Product Update]

We had seen some amazing results from the first two Playbooks that we released. Needless to say, we are super excited to see how the next set of Playbooks work for you.

Playbooks: The Effective Way To Drive More Sales [Product Update]

This month, we were busy cooking what we now proudly call our signature dish. To tell you the truth, it was an overwhelming couple of weeks; we buckled down, chugged a lot of coffee and worked like there was no tomorrow. And thus we released the first set of ‘Playbooks’.

Taking It Up A Notch - Analyze Your Campaigns Like Never Before

Analyzing campaigns gives you a clear idea of the performance of a particular push notification campaign; was your campaign good, mediocre or ‘let’s never talk about this again’ bad. But the thing is you need to know, so that you scale on a strategy you did on a particular campaign or find out what went wrong.

Schedule Reminders and Alerts for Upcoming Events [Product Update]

Admit it, everyone wants to be pampered and spoon fed. The lesser you have to keep tabs on things, more the time you have, to do what you love. Reaching out to users with valuable updates they need, has a charm of its own. By reminding them at the right moment, to surprising them with your care, notifications have become much more than just updates; it’s a bundle of emotions that you send across. 

Conveying Emotions Better - Power Of Emoji In Push Notifications

An Emoji is worth more than 1,000 Words. Here’s Why. Let’s face it. Emojis work. Everyone gets them; including your grandmother. For that matter, scientists say that emojis are the digital version of expressions used in a face to face conversation. Emojis have become ubiquitous. They have turned to become a language in itself and is the fastest growing language in Britain. Believe it or not, more than 60 billion emojis are sent on a daily basis! We are in an era in which 92% communicate through emoticons than relying on plain text.

Permission UX: Web Push Permission Prompts To Delight Your Users

There is a reason why users aren’t subscribing to your notifications as they should. Here is a question you need to answer - What is the ‘right time’ to push out a web push notification? Here is a hint - it is definitely not forcing the users to act on a prompt as soon as your website loads. Read on to know what permission UX is and how you can delight your customers.

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