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Push Notifications: What To Expect In The Future

Last updated on Aug 03, 2023

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Push Notifications: What To Expect In The Future

Push notifications are a widely adopted solution in the digital publishing industry. As ne...

Android 13 Push Notifications: Users Matter, And They Gain Control

Android 13 ‘Tiramisu’ has made its presence felt with permission prompts for app notificat...

iOS 15: What's New With Push Notifications

Apple has always said to keep user experience on top of their mind with every update, be i...

What Are Rich Push Notifications?

What are rich push notifications? Rich push notifications are notifications with multimedi...

Android 11 - Changing The Way We Look At Notifications

Every Android update has always touched upon notifications to improve user experience. Thi...

What Are Silent Notifications?

App push notifications have been here for a while and have become a part and parcel of our...

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