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Moment Marketing: The Best Time To Send Push Notifications

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Moment Marketing: The Best Time To Send Push Notifications

Time is such a critical component in marketing. Yet, we still tend to receive the right message at the wrong time. Not only does it frustrate users, but also diminishes your chance of bagging a sale. It is always about acing the timing. You need to get it right to be in the game. Read on to know the best time to send push notifications to create a stellar user experience.  

Have you been in a situation when you ruined a good moment for saying things at the wrong time?

It's a common thing, even in business. You always have to be careful about when to say the right things.

Here we introduce Time an important component that concerns marketers when it comes to communications, campaigns or messages they send to your users/customers.

Brands across the globe have flocked to adopt push notifications to drive user engagement and incrementally increase sales. Which Indicates that the impact of push notifications is becoming fairly rated according to how high its impact is. On the other hand, it needs wise usage with knowledge and experience or it negatively affects your business.

Quick Overview of Web Push Notifications

Web push notifications are clickable messages sent through a browser. These notifications can only be sent to users who subscribed your website on mobile, desktop and tablet to receive your notifications.

No, they don't have to be on your website to receive these notifications, it just reaches their browser while they are surfing the internet no matter where.

About Web Push Notifications, everyone knows how, but not everyone knows when. Although when is the key to directly peak in sales and easily compete.

Thanks to technology, you can automatically Segment and Set the time for your notification only once, without having to repeat the steps every time. Learn how.

iZooto CTA

Importance of time for Web Push Notifications

According to case studies, we discovered that timing is one of the most under-hyped attributes in Web Push Notification.

Misunderstanding the specificities of timing can not only make you miss all the potentials out there, it can also backfire on your website. By unsubscribing or blocking your website from sending any further messages or notifications and lose your loyal customers. Who wants this to happen!

On the other bright side, choosing the best time to push notifications can increase web traffic and boost your subscriber base.

What are you potentially missing with wrong timings?

Let's put it clear, Web Push Notification is so welcomed by users.

But why? A bad reputation has to be due to bad input.

When you focus on the fact that over 35% of push notifications are generic “broadcast” blasts to all users, it’s easy to see that a lack of relevancy plays a major role in building this perception.

However, many marketers still continue to rely on generic blasts rather than considering personalization in terms of timing, frequency, and content of the push messages.

As a result of this approach Over 50% of Users Find Push Notifications Useless.

It makes sense, doesn't it?

(According to a study at Localytics)

Web push notification stats

Users are constantly flagging most of the push notifications as ‘annoying distractions’ and find them irrelevant.

Web push notification stats


It is time to narrow down the best time to send push notifications

Avoid the: " “Why did I get it now?” User's reaction

Web push notification user reaction example

In order to, not annoy your users with irrelevant push notifications, we recommend you follow some strict guidelines to find the best time to send push notifications to your web users.

Web push notification twitter mention


Start the action,


Let Web Push Notifications work for you. Here are some checkpoints that you can go through.

1- Timezone Check:

The time at which your users receive notifications from you is one critical attribute contributing towards the success of your campaign.

Your users aren’t always located at the same time and in many times they are located across timezones all over the world. Make sure the schedule of your notification is in coordination with the timezone of all your target users to zero down to the best time to send push notifications.

Sending a well-timed push can make a huge difference to your users’ Experience.

Minding what kind of Notification will you send, Mobile Push Notification or Web Push Notification, will help you to adjust accordingly

Example for a good Mobile Push Notification: A ‘Happy Hour’ bonus during the rush hour to commute home is going to top a ‘Happy Hour’ bonus push at 8 am Sunday morning by a long shot.


2- Day Check

While planning your push notification strategy, one thing you can not afford to miss is the day. If you have a restaurant and you have planned a promotion -meal for two’ on Friday. Sending a reminder notification to users on Saturday will not really be a good idea.

There are particular days and time which has shown evidently high click rates for most of the brands. Make sure it is the best time to send push notifications and schedule your notification around these days.

best time to send Web push notification

best time to send Web push notification


3- Event Occurrence Check

Customize messages based on the time of year (holidays) to make brand personable.

Make sure your notification calendar is synced with a yearly event calendar. This will ensure that you are not sending any important and relevant notifications on a busy festival day and increasing the instances of it get ignored. Bombarding users during festival season is the not the best time to send push notifications.

Moreover, keeping a track of events will help you promote and create festive offers for those events which have always captured considerable response rate.

For example, a push notification for a restaurant review set to go out two days before Friendship’s Day could read, “Happy Friendship’s Day! Have a lovely evening. Here’s a discount code for dining out with your beloved friends.”


4- Frequency        

Know how much is too much for you and never overdo it

And if you do – this is the reaction you’re likely to get:

The number and frequency of your notifications can vary based on many factors:

1- What type of user are you targeting, Top- Middle-Bottom of the funnel.

2- What is your Notification's purpose?
Is it to engage your user so you have to send discounts and events offers according to times of the year. Or is it to retarget some of your users who added good to the chart and never bought or users who have not been visiting your since long time now. Possibly awareness about your product could be another purpose.

3- What is your industry? News, Games website, Travel agency, Fitness or E-commerce.

As a general practice

An evident 4x higher conversion rate is seen by sending push notification message twice a week!

Detecting the previous will help you better personalize the info in the notifications, timings, and frequency.

Reach out to users in real time! Get started with web push notifications for free!

These are some 'Frequency' pieces of advice  by experts in different domains and industries:

Best time to send push notifications industry wise-

– News: 3-4 times a day, depending on the news, it’s relevance and urgency as per your users. - Use the Segmentation Feature.

– Games: Once a day or less. Now, the most important task here remains to be deciding the right time slot for that one notification. Do your research to understand when are you most likely to get a maximum response.  When will your users be excited to get your notification.

– Travel: 2-3 times a day. This number might increase or the decrease as per the occurrence of holiday seasons, long weekends. If you plan to promote a new package available at your online/offline travel agency then this is a good number to consider.

– Fitness: 3-4 times a week. The quantity of push notifications you send is relatively dependent on the type of fitness your business. If you’re proposing a daily fitness programme then daily reminders are acceptable but as a general practice.

The goal of determining the right frequency for your push message is to prevent ad fatigue, brand blindness or the unsubscribing step in the digital space.


5- Right Content

Sending the right content to the right audience at the right time.

The user’s split on the usefulness of push notification reveals that there is still a percentage of users that find these notifications as relevant and helpful. It is either because the messages alert users for things they are interested in or because the content provides valuable information. This infers that the notification contained the right content to establish effective user- engagement.

According to a study at Leanplum, Personalisation can lift push notification open rates by up to 800%

personalization with Web push notification

Personalizing the content of your push notifications can deliver a 4x lift on open rates, boosting the 1.5% average open rate seen with generic notifications to a much more respectable 5.9%.

Web push notification stats open rate

There are numerous ways to add personalization to your push message- incorporating custom image, personalized message, a past action that user took, a thank you note, etc

Timing and content of any push notification go hand in hand. If the users receive a generic message even at an appropriate time, they are more likely to dismiss it. AS you can see, it is not just about finding out about the best timing to send push notifications, but also making it contextual. 


6- Right Audience

You will not like to see your  Push Notifications ignored. So? Learn more about your users to start sharing the right content with the right audience.

Your communication should be as targeted as possible. Creating and understanding whom you plan to target (your target audience) should be an integral part of defining your push notification strategy.

Understanding of your user base [Infographic]

Setting the right audience for your notifications is critical. It has a great risk of your entire communication failure if your communication is targeted to the wrong audience. Hence, creating specific customer personas helps you plan the most effective push notification strategy.

In order to better serve users and not have push messages be seen as annoying, companies need to make a better effort to learn more about their users.

A detailed user persona will help you understand your customers better. Making it easier to tailor your content, messaging, product development and services.

Web push notification persona

Example: Let's say you run a female fashion retail chain. You have successfully segmented your audience in personas such as- working class, middle-aged housewife, a young mother, and student. I bet you will never want to notify all the personas with one push messaging for the sale of babies wear. It just doesn’t make any sense.


7- Right Time

Sharing the right content with the right audience at the Right Time.

Timing should be an integral part of your push messaging strategy.

How will you feel when you receive a disturbing Push Notification at 5 am? Will you still like this brand? Or still, Subscribe its offers?

For this reason, you need to take care of local time notification delivery.

Web push notification timing

You can consider the following to determine the right time for your push notifications

  1. Industry-based time determination
  2. Persona-based time determination

Industry-based time determination


Web push notification industry based best timing

Domain Best time to send push notifications
News 10-12 pm, 5 pm
Fashion & lifestyle, 12 pm, 5pm, 9 pm
Travel 9 pm
BFSI 10 am- 3 pm, 7 pm
Hospitality 10 am, 2 pm, 8pm-10 pm
Entertainment 8 pm -10 pm
Education 11 am-1 pm, 8 pm
Healthcare 12 pm

Persona-based time determination

Here are a few examples:

persona based timing for Web push notification

Persona Best time to send push notifications
Working class 9 am, 12 noon-2 pm, 9pm -11 pm
Young mothers 11 am-12 pm, 7 pm-8 pm
Middle-aged housewives 12 noon 2 pm, 9 pm-11 pm
Students 9 am-12 am, 7 pm-2 am

Increasing click rates by choosing the right timing

Web push notification click rate increase with right timing

 best time to send Web push notifications

Check this great example of a business that focused on attributes like –  time, geo and frequency while sending out push notifications and acquired 125 K loyal subscriber and 12% of their overall sales with web push.


It’s time to move from...

Push notifications example


Web push notifications example

Tailoring your notifications to your users isn’t just about what you say, it’s about when you say it. Finally, don’t forget to expire messages when they go out of date.


Automate your notifications and reach out to your users at the right time. Try web push notifications for free! 


Ruchika Sharma
Ruchika Sharma
Ruchika Sharma, the Product Marketer at iZooto is an Art Lover & Creative Writer who likes to sketch in her free time. She dreams of travelling the world someday, all by herself. To connect with her, follow her on Twitter: @Sh_ruchika

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