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Navigating FCM Deprecation And Gearing Up For The Future

Last updated on Apr 15, 2024

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Navigating FCM Deprecation And Gearing Up For The Future

Firebase deprecated the use of legacy APIs for sending messages via FCM over HTTP and XMPP on June 20, 2023. They also recently announced that it will sunset the legacy Cloud Messaging API. So what does this mean for you? 

What next? 

When the FCM legacy API is discontinued, FCM users won't be able to send messages using the old HTTP Protocol API anymore. Firebase suggests sending messages either through the HTTP v1 API or directly from the app to the server using HTTP/gRPC.

Why is Firebase making these changes? 

Deprecating API paves the way to ongoing support and new features, along with- 

  • More secure system via access tokens

The new HTTP v1 API uses short-lived access tokens. This ensures that they are less likely to be captured. And even if they do, they would have access to it hardly an hour before it expires.

  • Improved Message Customization Across Platforms

Utilizing platform-specific keys, you can tailor messages for different platforms within a single message. This flexibility enables you to send slightly varied payloads to different client platforms, enhancing message customization.

  • Future-Proofing for New Client Platform Versions

The HTTP v1 API supports messaging options for Apple platforms, Android, and the web. This ensures that Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) remains extendable, allowing for adaptation to new versions and platforms as they emerge.

Alternative to Firebase Cloud Messaging

As FCM plans to discontinue  FCM legacy API, this is the right time to consider messaging providers such as iZooto who can help with the backend migration and do all the heavy lifting for you. 

Why is iZooto a Better Choice than Firebase?

Google's track record can be unpredictable, and since Firebase is part of Google's cloud service, there's a risk it could shut down suddenly, leaving you with no recourse. There are signs that Google's investment in Firebase has slowed down, with only one minor product update in the past year. This raises questions about Google's long-term commitment to Firebase as a notification platform.

Other than that here are a couple of points you need to take notice of-

  • Developer-Centric Focus:

Firebase is primarily designed with developers in mind, which can make it challenging for non-developers to utilize effectively.

  • Device Compatibility Limitations:

FCM may not support certain newer devices, such as Huawei smartphones, potentially limiting your reach to some audiences.

  • Accessibility in China:

FCM is blocked in China, meaning if your target audience includes users in China, Firebase may not be the best option for reaching them.

  • Additional Costs for Features:

Features like data storage, image hosting, and analytics come with additional costs. For large businesses requiring these features extensively, these costs can add up significantly. 

  • Lack of Personal Support:

Firebase lacks personalized support for FMC (Firebase Cloud Messaging) users. This can be problematic for newcomers to push notifications who require ongoing assistance and guidance for improvement.

Overcome these challenges and build your own audience with iZooto. Know More!

We are currently upgrading the system so that everything works seamlessly. More information to follow. Want to know more? Reach out to solutions@izooto.com.

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Pravya Pravin
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