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5 Tools To Enhance Engagement With Your Blog’s Audience

Last updated on Jun 21, 2022

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5 Tools To Enhance Engagement With Your Blog’s Audience

Blogs are a great way to get your point of view before your audience. That assumes you already have built a community with your content. In case you're just starting out, or witnessing plateauing engagement, what can you do to reverse the trend? 

Blogs are extremely valuable in enhancing brand awareness while also educating audiences on a niche topic. As straightforward as that may sound, stiff competition for user attention means blogs compete with thousands if not millions of other pieces of online content. For your posts to stand out, increasing audience engagement is a priority.

The case for increased audience engagement

Millennials and Gen Z form a major part of audiences that consume content with changing consumption patterns. Young consumers seek engaging experiences and expect two-way communication - more so in a world ruled by TikTok and social media. They prefer dialogues over broadcasts.

For publishers, that means engaging with audiences. Audience engagement enhances brand awareness, sales, visibility, credibility, and lasting customer relationship. An engaging blog will always be active. Consequently, blogs with higher engagement rates turn out to be those that offer great quality content. In addition, factors such as content relevancy, publishing cadence, topics covered, the follower base, and search engine optimization (SEO) impact a blog's odds with audience engagement.

If you’re struggling to increase engagement with your blog visitors, we have a list of 5 methods. The following tools and methods are sure to assist you in enhancing your blog’s audience engagement.

Interactive polls to gauge audience sentiment

An easy way for your blog to cut through the noise and stand out is to implement interactive polls. Apester helps overcome digital fatigue and enhances user experiences by making the reading experience more interactive. It draws the attention of your audience to enhance engagement with your blog.

Apester blog engagement

Apester collects valuable data insights from the interactive content such as polls to shed light on what your audience thinks or perceives about the topics you cover in your blog, or what they expect from your brand as customers. This tool fosters authentic collaboration which young users seek as they build lasting relationships with brands. Through easy segmentation solutions offered by Apester, you can personalize your marketing messages to each group and create an amazing buyer journey for your customers.

It’s time to move beyond static content and consider omnichannel interactive digital experiences by implementing tools such as Apester on your blog.

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Surveys and reports don't have to be boring anymore 

Surveys and data reports help take an inside look into the existing market scenario, customer satisfaction levels, gaps in the industry, brand popularity, etc. Unfortunately, a text-only blog or a report that is heavy on data might not be easy to comprehend for the readers. It eventually leads to poor engagement. This is where interactive data visualization comes into the picture. 

Infogram is an intuitive visualization tool that empowers businesses to create interactive content pieces such as reports, surveys, maps, or even attractive infographics.

infogram-gif-engaging-audience-blogInfogram encourages passive users to engage in the data discovery process. The use of GIFs or even the ability to offer real-time data and show changes as they happen gives your blog an edge over your competition. It allows your audience to actively interact with data points by clicking or hovering over them. This tool also offers an analytics feature that helps the users to find the number of views and their demographic details for your project.

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Let your audience comment on your posts

A commenting system allows you to know about your blog reader’s opinions, allows you to build a thriving community, and boost user engagement. Apart from the in-built comment feature available in CMS for blogs, there are third-party commenting tools like Disqus that can be integrated into any website to build a community and get responses from the audience.

disqus-audience-engagement-blogThe benefits of commenting systems for both the website and the website visitors are manifold. The popular commenting plugin, Disqus provides an array of new features, including advanced moderation, multi-login user options, networking and community building, email alerts, and social media integration.  It also helps monetize your blog engagement through highly configurable ad serving from top partners on your site.

Leverage the potential of commenting plugin tools like Disqus to boost your audience engagement by giving them the right platform to share their perspectives.

Don't miss out on social distribution

Today more than half of the world’s population uses social media. In fact, it has become habitual for most of us to scroll through the posts, liking or engaging with the content. Hence sharing your blog post on social media is a fantastic way to promote it to gain a new audience and multiply the engagement. But it is not as easy as it sounds to share and monitor content on multiple platforms that work differently from one another.

Hootsuite is an effective social sharing tool that helps manage all your customer channels including SMS, chat, and platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

hootsuite-audience-engagement-blogHootsuite enables you to identify, track and analyze social media trends in real-time. You can now schedule and publish content to your preferred channels at a predetermined time and monitor engagement metrics.

Get your audience to revisit your content with a quiz

In the era of content saturation, people quickly forget what they have read or seen. Therefore, holding their attention for a longer time is imperative to make it memorable and worthwhile. Interactive quizzes are incredible ways to put your brand message at the forefront, make it more engaging for the readers, and drive 2X more conversions than static content. According to studies, interactive quizzes are 7 times more efficient in educating people.

tryinteract-audience-engagement-blogTryinteract is a tool to create interactive quizzes that help generate leads and segment them, grow an email list, and help increase sales for your business. The tool has a simple 3 step process to create a quiz. You can choose a customizable template, pick a quiz-style that aligns with your brand, and integrate it with any of your chosen marketing platforms.

Key Takeaways

The tools mentioned above will offer your blog's audience new ways to interact with the content you create. Enhance audience engagement helps build an active community that makes your blog an authority in its area of specialization.

It is worth noting that each tool offers a unique feature and not all tools may be relevant to every content platform. In order to choose effectively, you must evaluate the kind of content you create and the audience you serve. A great way to generate new content ideas is to look at what your audience thinks, for instance. Taking this approach will offer new ideas and refresh the perception your blog's audience has about your content. To know more about audience engagement, read our detailed guide.

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