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Introducing Event Based Segmentation, Recurring Notifications and More [Product Updates]

Last updated on May 17, 2022

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Introducing Event Based Segmentation, Recurring Notifications and More [Product Updates]

Everything that we shipped in May was built with a single focus - driving more impact. This also falls in line with our bigger objective of building a marketing automation solution using web push notifications. Here are the three most important and exciting features that we shipped in the month of May:

  • Events and Event Properties
    • Event Based Segmentation
  • Automated Recurring Notifications
  • Subscriber Analysis: Geography Based Reports

Events and Event Properties

First thing first, let's try to understand the meaning of events and event properties. Events allow you to identify and track subscriber performing specific actions on your website. Common examples of events include:

  • Subscriber completing the signup process
  • Visiting the shopping cart
  • Completing the checkout process

events properties

Events can help you understand your subscriber behaviour better. You can use events to track whether or not a user has visited a specific page or has clicked on a specific element ( button ) on your page. Another important aspect of events is the time attribute attached to them. Any user action by the virtue of it happening, has a definite time stamp. While the absolute time at which the event occurred might not be relevant, understanding the recency of occurrence or frequency of recurrence of the event are definitely critical. Common examples include:

  • Visited the Cart page in the past 24 hours
  • Clicking Add To Cart more than 5 Times in 7 Days

events properties

Event properties

Combining both these filters of recency and frequency, can help you drill down better and understand subscriber behaviour is lot more detail. Common examples are:

  • Subscribers Clicking on Add To Cart More Than 5 Times In the Last 3 Days

You can also use other attributes associated with the event using the Event Properties filter. For instance, Add To Cart, event properties can be:

  • Name of the product added to Cart
  • Price of the product added to cart
  • Other attributes of the product such as Size, Category, Brand and more.

event properties

We will be releasing a template which will help you understand the various types of events that you should be tracking basis the industry you operate in.

Event Based Segmentation

Event based segmentation essentially allows you to create sophisticated audience segments using a combination of filters. This is available in the existing Audience Builder tool. Common examples include:

  • Users abandoning Cart -

event properties

Marketers could similarly create other audiences such as:

  • users abandoning Form Submission Processor users or
  • users not visiting the website over a specific period of time

Recurring Notification Campaigns

Recurring notification campaigns is our first step towards automation. There are three key components of any notification:

  • What is it that needs to be sent ( content of notification )
  • Who is supposed to receive this notification
  • When are they supposed to receive this notification

You can set up a recurring schedule basis which a specific notification would be sent to a pre-defined audience. You can set up a recurring schedule for:

  • Daily Notifications: Notifications sent on the pre-defined time
  • Weekly Notifications: Notifications sent on the pre-defined days of the week
  • Monthly Notifications: Notifications sent on the pre-defined dates of the month

event properties

You can set up automated campaigns for retargeting by defining a recurring schedule.

Step by step guide to get started with recurring notifications campaigns automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.   

Subscriber Analysis: Geography wise Report

Until few months back, you could see the spread of your subscriber base on a world map, where in each bubble showed the intensity of the users. We soon realised that in this specific case, using heat map limited the marketer to draw tangible insights. We have now introduced a basic report that gives you a sense of the Top 5 Countries and Cities from where you are getting bulk of your subscribers. Using this, you can focus on your key locations and capture these subscribers in a specific audience.

More updates in the next post. Till then, stay tuned. For any queries, reach out to customersuccess@izooto.com or buzz us on chat.

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