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Now Live: Push Notifications on Opera and Edge

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Now Live: Push Notifications on Opera and Edge

Opera and Edge together constitute to about 5% of browser share globally, with Opera being the fourth most popular browser in Asia and Edge being the fifth most popular browser in both Europe and North America.

iZooto now will also support push notifications on Opera and Edge, along with Chrome, Firefox and Safari. This update will now allow you to build an audience on Opera and Edge and engage with them via push notifications.

Adding support for these new browsers adds as a huge advantage. Your visitors from these browsers can now add to your subscriber base making it grow, without you having to put in any extra effort to boost your traffic.

Your website visitors on Opera and Edge will now receive the Subscription Prompt and once they subscribe they can be engaged via notifications. 

The iZooto dashboard has also evolved with the addition of these two browsers. You can also keep on a tab on the count of subscribers and unsubscribes you are getting from these browsers. 

ScreenShotsYou can also refer to the help docs and learn about how your notifications will appear on Opera and Edge and also about the supported notification features. 


Sadia Siddiqui
Sadia Siddiqui
Sadia is a Product Marketer at iZooto. She makes sure that you are always aware of what’s brewing at iZooto and have all the information to get started. When not at work you can find her walking endlessly, painting the world in words or speaking to a stranger.

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