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How to Setup Push Notifications for websites on https?

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How to Setup Push Notifications for websites on https?

Setup iZooto push notifications on HTTPS website

Before you start, I would like to point out that there are websites supporting HTTPS protocol can operate in two ways

  1. Supporting HTTPS but would operate on http protocol. For eg - all leading e-commerce sites operate in this manner
  2. Supporting and operating on HTTPS: For eg - https://google.com

You can setup push notifications for HTTPS Websites in less than 5 mins. Here are the steps that need to be followed

Step # 1 - Signup on iZooto and generate your tag. 

Follow the instructions as presented on the tag generation.

Step # 2 - Insertion of Tag on the site. 

iZooto tag needs to be added to the pages where you seek to take user consent. This tag can be placed directly on the pages or using tag managers such as Google Tag Manager. Read here about how to add the iZooto tag using GTM.

Step # 3 - Placing manifest.json and service­worker.js files at root directory of your site

These files need to be placed in the root folder such that they are accessible via browser on opening-

- https://yourdomain.com/manifest.json

- https://yourdomain.com/service­worker.js

How does the end user experience look like ?

Users accessing the pages where (iZooto tag) is fired will be prompted for consent.

Setup iZooto Push Notifications for websites on https protocol

Ruchika Sharma
Ruchika Sharma
Ruchika Sharma, the Product Marketer at iZooto is an Art Lover & Creative Writer who likes to sketch in her free time. She dreams of travelling the world someday, all by herself. To connect with her, follow her on Twitter: @Sh_ruchika

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