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How Web Push Notifications Help you Build Recall and Customer Loyalty

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Aditya Krishna

Aditya Krishna

Aditya Krishna is a Product Associate at iZooto who doesn't understand the phrase 'too much coffee'. Quite fond of meeting new people, he deeply cares about social issues and is passionate about finding ways to make a positive difference in people's lives. Apart from this, he loves doodling in his free time and is an amazing bathroom singer.

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How Web Push Notifications Help you Build Recall and Customer Loyalty

When was the last time you clicked on a banner ad? Chances are it’s been a while and you’ve since forgotten what the ad was about. Over the years, internet users have become oblivious to banner advertising. As Andrew Chen writes, growth is getting hard from intense competition. Here's a graph that exemplifies the sharp decline in performance of retargeting ads.

Getting Started with Drip Push Notification Campaigns (Plus a Free Template)

Adblocker adoption is shooting through the roof. Display ads are barely clicked on. Email is not scalable. In essence, growth is becoming increasingly difficult to sustain. We get it. It is not just user acquisition, user engagement is becoming equally difficult. Extending a layer of automation is obvious to a marketing tool. Here is a guide that talks about how you can use Drip Notification Campaigns to automate redundant tasks and put them on autopilot.

Tools For Nonprofits To Raise Awareness And Engage Better

When it comes to Non-Profits, the operating ideology often is very simple. Every drop adds up. Every $ is equally valuable. Read on to know how non-profits can engage their users with the help of specific tools. 

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