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iZooto @ Shopify Unite 2018

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Founder at Datability Solutions. Second Venture. Writes about technology, entrepreneurship and mobile. Avid cyclist.

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iZooto @ Shopify Unite 2018

We have been building iZooto for a little over 2 years now and we have slowly but steadily scaled to about 15,000 businesses pushing over 1.75B+ notifications every month. In the last 12 months, we have focused a lot more on speaking with customers to understand them better. When we look back at our customer interviews, 2 key insights stand out -

  • 1 min read
  • May 02, 2018

[Interview] Retarget your Website Visitors with Personalized Notifications and Drive Conversions

iZooto is an audience re-engagement tool that drives higher conversions, order fulfillment, and user callback exponentially. iZooto’s Web Push Notification platform allows businesses to send push notifications to consenting customers on their Mobile & Desktop, without any App.

  • 7 min read
  • Oct 08, 2017

How to Leverage Web Push Notifications for Travel Industry and Hospitality Industries to Engage & Retarget

With new technological advancements in travel and hospitality, traditional travel agents are fading fast, except for highly trained niche experts. Many travel softwares are now using advanced technology like AI and machine learning to search thousands of travel booking sites, serving curated, personalized options based on the preferences shared.

  • 8 min read
  • Aug 18, 2017

Chrome 59 And How Chrome Is Evolving Into An OS

Mobile and Web both have evolved rather drastically over the last 18 months. Mobile continues to be the preferred choice of medium for, well practically everything. Content, gaming, messaging - mobile has taken everyone by storm. Browsers at the same time have been able to catch up ( almost ) with their native counterparts, allowing developers to do more. In 2016, Chrome on Mobile surpassed the count of billion active users. The recent developments on Chrome and product road map show an uncanny resemblance to that of an operating system. Rather than just another browser. Chrome 59 unpacks capabilities that will help developers up the ante on user engagement. One of it being integrating with OS. Here are the key highlights:

  • 2 min read
  • Jun 06, 2017

Announcing Zapier Integration For iZooto!

We have rolled out Zapier integration for iZooto. To understand what that means, let's take a step back and understand what is Zapier and what is a Zap.

  • 1 min read
  • Feb 09, 2017

Cool Ways How Web Push Notifications Help Businesses

The OS war is long over. Both iOS and Android won. Though on the same battleground, the fight is now between web apps and native apps. Over a billion users across the globe use Chrome on their mobile device to discover and consume content. According to the Comscore report, across 50 leading mobile properties, mobile web audience is twice the size of app audience. With advances in mobile web capabilities and new standards, mobile web adoption and usage is driving increased consumption, across categories.

  • 8 min read
  • Feb 07, 2017

How Leveraging Web Push Notifications For Banking Industry Help Get More Leads

Businesses in Banking and Financial sector have rapidly evolved over the past few years - adopting sophisticated marketing solutions to drive user acquisition and engagement. The BFSI  sector also continues to be one of the most competitive sectors. Some of the key categories such as Insurance, Loan exhibit extremely high cost of user acquisition. 

  • 3 min read
  • Dec 20, 2016

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