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Publisher's Battle Against Fake News

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Ruchika Sharma

Ruchika Sharma

Ruchika Sharma, the Product Marketer at iZooto is an Art Lover & Creative Writer who likes to sketch in her free time. She dreams of travelling the world someday, all by herself. To connect with her, follow her on Twitter: @Sh_ruchika

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Publisher's Battle Against Fake News

To understand what is Fake News - picture this:

How Publishers Can Increase SERP Challenges With Accelerated Mobile Pages

The world is now a place, where we have a 24x7 4G internet connection on mobile devices, turning every second person into a Nomophobic. There was a time when we used to wait until midnight to start surfing the internet so all sluggish websites loaded faster. The only option we had was to wait forever because of the poor internet connectivity and sluggish websites. But now the picture is completely changed as nobody wants to wait for web pages to load. The only thing that hasn’t changed is the importance given to load time. Speed matters, more than ever to increase website ranking. This is where Accelerated Mobile Pages come in.  Read on to know more.

11+1 Traffic Driving Content Syndication Tools For A Brilliant Content Marketing Strategy [Updated]

People will not find you, you need be where they are!

Firebase Cloud Messaging Service - Everything You Need To Know About FCM [Updated]

You have an app, new Idea, new Update. You wonder how will you deliver them to the right user? Google won't leave you alone in the desert without showing you the way. No, I don't mean Google Maps. Google introduced Firebase Cloud Messaging which is a free tool/ platform that will help you send Web Push Notifications.

Easy Understanding of Web Protocols - HTTP and HTTPS

Do you know that 68% of internet users believe that current laws for protecting their rights are not good enough?

Indian Ad Tech Ecosystem - Past, Present And Future

What is Ad tech? When I Google for the definition of Ad tech, this definition by Adobe is the most suitable one that I came across.

Top 111 Ad Networks in India That Publishers Can Choose To Work With

There has been a drastic change within the digital advertising landscape. The rapid digitization of advertising as a whole has resulted in the formation of numerous businesses, each one offering a unique product or service that aids the overall online advertising process and adds value to the link between a publisher and an advertiser. These players are Ad Networks. With these new players in the ecosystem, the digital advertising model has evolved and is no longer the simple model of days gone by. It has evolved into a much more complex model.

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