Brandon Graves

Brandon Graves

Brandon Graves is an avid WordPress developer and SEO expert. He writes useful posts on WordPress services like convert HTML to WordPress, WordPress maintenance/customization, SEO for WordPress, Social Media and Technology, for tech-savvy individuals.

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6 Reasons To Use WordPress For Your First E-commerce Store

The e-commerce business is increasing with each passing day. Today's tech-savvy people prefer shopping online rather than going to a brick and mortar shop to buy products. The e-commerce business is increasing with each passing day. This trend has given birth to several shopping websites. Apart from this, several small and big players are entering the e-commerce world almost every day. To be honest, creating an e-commerce store, keeping it live 24*7, and running it successfully is a really challenging job in itself. It requires a team of well-trained professionals, purchase of the latest software, Antivirus, Firewall, hosting server and its regular updating and website revamping from time-to-time.

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