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How Can E-commerce Brands Work Effectively with Influencers to Drive Sales?

Sep 20, 2018

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How Can E-commerce Brands Work Effectively with Influencers to Drive Sales?

Influencers with their enigmatic aura, are creating a boom in the e-commerce realm. From helping brands mint money to retaining users, many influencers are now seeing an opportunity to start their own venture. With millions of followers to back them up, influencers are not only helping other brands, but helping themselves slide into the pool of e-commerce nirvana.

HRX, an activewear and fitness brand owned 70% by Hrithik Roshan has come a long way from when it started off in 2014. Not only did it get Myntra on board, it currently is a 51% investor! This year, HRX crossed a turnover of $19.5 million in apparels. It is successfully turning into a category king in the Indian market, by projecting themselves as ‘Athleisue’ (athletic and leisure) brand.

Similarly, Alexa Chung a popular Instagram fashion influencer with 3 million followers has started off with her own brand, along with Mark and Spencers and AG jeans. Influencers are a brand in themselves and when they promote your brand, it can do wonders. Reach out to them and leverage what they have to provide.

The future of influencer marketing seems to be promising because the rising popularity of social media has also made way for influencers to swing into action and shape people’s opinions significantly. It involves the influential opinion makers across the internet to promote brands or products with a sole purpose of enhancing sales, improving marketing ROI and increasing brand awareness among as many people as possible.

Since influencer marketing is all about leveraging the potential of key people who command a certain degree of trust in their followers, it therefore goes perfectly with social media marketing and content marketing. Influencers create or share creative content regarding a particular brand and then put it across in a natural way for their followers to see products or services on various social media platforms.

According to a study, in 2016, 86% of business owners took the help of influencer marketing and 94% of them accepted that it was an effective move. Another study by Tomoson shows that influencer marketing yields a $6.5 return of investment on every dollar spent. Hence, it is clear that a better online reputation means customers are more likely to trust the influencers and the products or services they are promoting.


stats influencer  marketingWorking with influencers 

If you have just started your e-commerce business, you need to incorporate the following important tips to work with influencers in order to increase sales and acquire more customers.


Find the Right Influencers

Finding the right kind of influencers is very important for you to begin with because this move of incorporating most appropriate influencers can have a huge impact on the success of your campaign. If the influencers you are working with are not relevant to your business, your target audience will less likely be swayed by their opinions because they hardly know them. Furthermore, the influencers’ existing audience wouldn’t be interested in your brand because it’s not relevant to them.

stats influencersHence, first and foremost, it is highly pertinent for you to conduct influencer research. There are many ways to do so – a usual keyword or hashtag search on social media can give you a fair idea of the influencers that are trending and relevant; check which influencers that fit your brand and what kind of comments do their followers post; check out the extent of their reach or the number of people who could potentially see your brand. After finding the right influencers for your brand, they create a health engagement with the target audience by creating truly appealing and relevant contents for your brand and target audiences and drive traffic on your website and improve followers, which clearly show that influencer marketing is an upward trend to target relevant audiences.

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Leverage the Growing Popularity of Instagram

The emergence of Instagram as a popular social media platform is also turning out to be a very effective marketing channel for e-commerce marketers. According to a recent report, Instagram provides brands with 25% more opportunity of engagement as compared to any other social media platform. It can also be a potent medium for you to drive traffic and awareness regarding your online store after targeting the right influencers.

influencer instagram insights

With each blog post, photo or status update on Instagram as well as Facebook, your influencers will be able to garner the attention of thousands of followers who will either share them or like them. We are also witnessing how Instagram influencers’ opinions can now have a profound impact on people’s purchase decisions. Influencers use popular hashtags for your business to target relevant audiences and help grow their e-commerce businesses. You can also use certain tools like Webstagram so that you could reach the right people who would be interested in your niche.


Have Influencers Create Unique Content as Social Proof

Due to a significant fan-following and an obvious trust factor, influencers can help generate interest among the audience by creating a unique content and a strong lead generation marketing strategy. For better results, you can also display this content on your product pages as well as your marketing mails. Doing this is equivalent to producing a social proof that eventually helps drive the sales of your e-commerce brand. So it is very important to let influencers create their own content, or help them create unique content that is highly relevant.

influencers social proof

More often than not, this is a workable strategy because influencers have a unique type of relationship with their audience. They know their audience better than anyone else, and thus the content created for them is either meant for solving their problems or for giving them a unique insight. Furthermore, the unique content created by influencers could also include aesthetically pleasing and professional quality of photos, which can go a long way to drive sales for your e-commerce brand.


Encourage the Influencers to Do More Product Reviews

When it comes to e-commerce business, gaining customer trust is the most vital element; so product reviews and testimonials can work wonders in increasing your conversion rates. A study conducted by Bazaarvoice Network shows that one product review can result in a 10% increase in sales, while 200 reviews correspond to the 44% increase in sales.

stats reviews

It is also a fact that the credibility of a reviewer matters much more than the actual review, and negative reviews therefore should be analyzed in context with other factors. The authenticity of any review is very important, which only comes when the influencer doing the product review is trustworthy. So, a balance of positive and negative reviews is important, receiving a negative review can certainly be disappointing but there is a positive side of negative reviews too.  Also, consumers tend to like relevant reviews because they want to hear from people who are like them and have the same goals as they do.

There are lots of E-commerce brands are using influence marketing to promote their brands by creating videos of product review, like Kano Computer Kits used Dom Esposito is one of the influencers to review their product and shared with 400 thousand YouTube subscribers and now they have 62% five star reviews on their Amazon page.

influencer product reviews

Final Thoughts

Influencer marketing is definitely here to stay. As long as social media and content marketing will be used as effective tools for grabbing people’s attention, influencers will be leveraged even more to mold the audience’s opinions regarding a product or a service.

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