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Easy Understanding of Web Protocols - HTTP and HTTPS

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Easy Understanding of Web Protocols - HTTP and HTTPS

Do you know that 68% of internet users believe that current laws for protecting their rights are not good enough?

Web Protocols- How And Why You Need To Migrate from HTTP to HTTPS

Why web protocols like https?

Enable Push Notifications With iZooto Tag For Your HTTP And HTTPS Website

Learn how to enable push notifications with iZooto tag for your website

Implementing Web Push Notifications on HTTP Websites [Best Practices]

Chrome, Firefox browsers require websites to be on HTTPS to take user subscriptions for web push notifications. While HTTPS sites can integrate web push SDKs and take subscriptions directly on their domain, HTTP websites have to follow approaches set by web push service providers they're using. The common approach followed by most of the service providers is taking subscriptions on their sub-domain. For example, with this implementation for an HTTP website http://trak.in, subscriptions would be taken on https://trak.izooto.com.

Increase your HTTP website efficiency. Web Push Solutions

"Think simple’ as my old master used to say" -  Frank Lloyd Wright When we started discussing first principles and oversimplified our business, we broke it down to two basic fundamentals. First, to help our clients build a subscriber base. Secondly, to help them engage with these subscribers. We constantly keep challenging ourselves on how we can improve and improvise on these two fundamental building blocks. As a part of our first attempt, we are excited to roll out our 1 Click Subscription Process which allows websites on HTTP protocol to reduce the subscription process from 2 steps to 1 step, boosting their subscription rate substantially. Understanding 1 Click Web Push Subscription 1 Click Web Push Subscription Subscription essentially allows you to take the subscription consent from the user on the landing page itself. The experience is exactly like that of any HTTPS protocol. The user journey remains simple and intuitive. The subscriber confirmation prompt leads to more aware subscribers. The subscription prompt could be further tweaked and customized accordingly. User Journey You can experience the solution live here, here or here . Here is how the journey looks like Sounds great. I am an existing user. Can I also start using iZooto 1-Click Solution? What happens to my older subscribers?  Yes absolutely, if you're already using iZooto 2-click process, you can simply write to us at shrikant@izooto.com/support@izooto.com to get it configured for your website. Older subscribers would be untouched and would remain with the site even after migration. Hmm. What about a new website property ? New HTTP website property will have 1-click process enabled by default. All the HTTP Properties can be migrated. What exactly needs to be done to implement this solution ? HTTP websites can sign-up on iZooto.com and get started with one-click solution. Is this time taking ? Not at all, existing customers can request us for setting it up and rest is on us, 1-click set-up hardly takes 15 minutes for configuration. Okay. I love this and I want to migrate to iZooto now. How do I go about it ? If you're using any other push notification service and want to move existing subscriber base as well, you need to ensure that consents were taken on your domain/sub-domain and you used your own GCM project id and Server API keys for taking consents on Chrome. Superb. Here is a detailed post that will walk you through the migration process step by step. https://blog.izooto.com/subscriber-migration-to-izooto/  Where do I get started ? Sign-up on iZooto.com now to get started. We have been playing with this for a bit now under our #GrowthHacks initiative and are super excited to roll this out to our entire user base. Read our case study and understand how Trak.in went from acquiring 40 subscribers a day to 400 subscribers a day. As a part of the early beta user, Arun from Trak, joined hands with us to test this feature early on. Here is how the subscription rates look like after the implementation of the 1 Click solution.   Impact of iZooto's 1 Click Web Push Subscription Solution for HTTP Sites   P.S - Shout out to @Arun for his support, willingness and patience.

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